The Raid at Disco Bob’s

On Friday evening, May 19, 1978, 16 officers from the Sûreté du Québec, and 4 officers from Lennoxville’s municipal force stormed Disco Robert, the nightclub located in the upstairs of Restaurant Chez Charles at 116 Rue Queen. Twenty-two minors were arrested and hauled off in a police van, even though the local police HQ was located just steps away from the discotheque – police wanted to make a show of the teens in cuffs hauled away past the curbside crowd. The raid was conducted under the joint direction of Corporal Patrick Hall of the SQ’s drug, alcohol and morality squad and newly appointed Lennoxville Police Chief Léo Hamel. Two arrests were made for possession of narcotics. Among the group brought to the headquarters, there was a large number of young girls.

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